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Please remember that the Username and password are (case sensitive)
95% of log in problems occur due to this so double check before proceding
ensure you have the proper account type for what you are trying to download
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My E-mail address is not recognised
Please remember that the E-mail address is your original registered address,unless you have updated
the address via this member profile area, in which case it will be your last enterd E-mail address.
If you cannot locate the address please use the support link for assistance.

My account has expired how do i reactivate my membership
Once your account has expired you will be unable to utilise any of our special offers ,
you must open a new account at the full current rate.

I wish to upgrade to your special offer for1 year Gold subscription, Will i lose any existing member time
No your membership days remaining will be increased by 1 year on top of the time remaining,
this offer also applies to professional account holders also, you need only pay the Professional license once thereafter
your yearly subscription fee will be at the reduced rate.


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